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Professional Mentoring
& Carrer Advisory

Boost your leadership, empower your talent, multiply your impact.

A network of best qualified mentors in IT & digital sectors to assist you to scale your career and get the most out of your teams.


We are your

We change your life

We are the only consulting firm that assists you in your professional development and introduces you to its Talent Pool. We provide you with the strategies and competencies needed to improve your soft skills and complete the project of your dreams.

Scale Up 60

One-hour sessions to address specific concerns about making your professional profile visible, developing your elevator pitch, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, or preparing for an interview.


VAT no incl.

Top Talent Program

5 one-hour sessions. for IT & Digital professionals. During the sessions, you will be able to optimize and increase the visibility of your professional profile, prepare for interviews, improve your skills, find another job, or advance in your organization. You will also be added to our Top Talent network, giving you access to exclusive professional opportunities.


VAT no incl.

Executive Program

5 one-hour sessions for managers, CEOs, and C-level executives. We focus on career redesign, leadership development, visibility, and positioning in the digital market. We clear up your doubts and improve your work impact strategy. In addition, you will be a part of our Top Executive Talent network, which will help you expand your professional network.


VAT no incl.


In Company

Our partners ALWAYS come back to us with new positions.

We are your most effective brand ambassadors. We assist you in developing strategies that enhance your brand, reputation, and the training of high qualified teams in order to increase the company's productivity while maintaining a positive working environment.

Scale Up Your Brand

Through a network of brand ambassadors, we improve your employer branding, employee advocacy, and social selling strategies. Your employees are your most valuable partners. We create high-performance teams that boost your brand's reputation and visibility.

Scale Up Your Team

We optimize and empower work teams so that they stand out in their performance for their autonomy, speed, efficiency, and productivity, while keeping these variables balanced for the benefit of the team and the company.




Personal Branding

Your profile will be more focused, with a more positive image and storytelling to position yourself in the digital sector.


Job Offers Access

Priority and exclusive access to our job offers pool. It is included in our all mentoring program.


Meeting with founders

Visibility and positioning, as well as networking with the help of our Founders.



Boost your career!

Our headquarters are located at Tech Barcelona

Plaça de Pau Vila, 1 Barcelona

HUB Digital La Cambra de Barcelona
Av. Diagonal, 452

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